I Dedicate My Mother's Day to Them

I was told recently how easy I make motherhood look. At first I laughed. Then I began to thank God for his grace. It's crazy how much your children really teach you. Before them all I knew was fear. Apprehension. Second guessing myself. Never stepping into my calling because doubt had me by the throat. They told me Isaac had 20 minutes to survive. He lived. They told me I risked a uterine rupture with Nicholas. We both survived. After them all I know is strength. My children may never know the sacrifices I've made for them already or even know the depths of my gratitude as they've changed my life. But, I will always let them know that I wouldn't be half the woman I am without them. My babies taught me I could do anything. Survive anything. Be anything. Even on days when I'm overwhelmed and feeling empty, I'm reminded of why I do what I do and for whom, and it fills me back up. Mom is the greatest title I have ever worn. Dedicating my Mother's Day to them. #LipstickandBibs #IamPhyNomenal

Happy Mother's Day mommies!!